Atlantis Laurel JGD's Tre'sor


(Black spotted, Bi-lateral, brown eyes)

Ch. Aberdeen's Time Bandit x Ch. Atlantis Laurel CherMar's Diva

Dear friends Emily Hoover (Atlantis Dalmatians) and Linda Scheller(Laurel Dalmatians) placed this smart and loving black and white puppy from their breeding with us. Tray is known as "Atlantis Laurel JGD's Tres'or". We are very blessed to have him at our ranch to love and soon show.

Tray pictured at 7 weeks old


Tray's Mother "Diva"             Tray's Father "Bandit"

Pedigree of Diva x Bandit Puppy






CH Aberdeen's Time Bandit

CH Aberdeen's Back To The Future (L)

CH Aberdeen's Sawyer Brown (L)

CH Madurhason's Yazoo

CH Madurhason's e.e. cummings (L)

CH Madurhason's Edinburgh

CH Aberdeen's Measure For Measure

CH Madurhason's Aberdeen (L)

CH Madurhason's Delilah

CH Spotsalot In The Nick Of Time (L)

CH Madurhason's Aberdeen (L)

CH Madurhason's Tanfastic (L)

Madurhason's The Breakers

Spotsalot Mita's Copy

CH Spotsalot Midnight Gambler

CH Paradox Pushbutton Toi (L)

Ch Hi-Flyer's Salem of Aberdeen

CH Roadpartner's Billie Holiday

CH Tuckaway's Augusta

CH Fireman's Freckled Friend

CH Bottoms Up Sentimental Journey (L)

CH Countrywood Racy Roadpartner RD

CH Countrywood Collateral

CH Proctor's Devilstar Diamond

CH Aberdeen's Magic Flute

CH Aberdeen Madurhason Caliban

CH Serengetti's Look Of Eagles

CH Aberdeen's Measure For Measure

CH Aberdeen Madurhason Sonata

CH Aberdeen Madurhason Mambo

CH Madurhason's Brigadoon

CH Laurel Atlantis CherMar's Diva

BISS CH Ashwyn Agape SF Good As It Gets

CH Ashwynn N Hattrick Let's Roll

BIS CH Cottondale Ink Jet Copy

CH Cottondale Cardhill Copyrite

CH Cottondale Hopi Kachina Doll

CH Hattrick's Tearin' Up My Heart

CH Satin's Clown'N Around CDX CGC

Hattrick's Sugar Magnolia

CH Agape Arpeggio of Smthforgd

AM/UKC CH Smithforged So. St. Road Ready

CH Cyncar's Whiz Kid Of Croatia

CH Smithforged South Street Sadie

UKC CH Smithforged Jaunty Hollywood

CAN CH TCJ Easy Goer

CH Hollywood Bets Jaunty's Best

CH Lrl Atlantis Teracotta Of Pal (L)

CH Dotzinks Rsvp To Robbsdale

CH Robbsdale's Am Eagle Of Pal (L)

AM/CAN CH Robbsdale's Puttin On The Ritz (l)

CH Jellicle Sonburst Of Pal CGC

CH TCJ N Dotzink It's My Party

CH Satin's Clown'N Around CDX CGC

AM/CAN CH TCJ's Bullet Proof

CH Well, Atlantis Fancy That O'Pal

CH Fiesta's Son-Spot Of Pal CD CGC

CH Fireman's Freckled Friend

CH Heartsafire Passion Play (l)

Atlantis' Texas Tilly Town Floozy (l)

AM/MEX/INT CH Alfredrich Robbsdale Harley D (l)

CH Atlantis Nikki Star Dancer

(more pictures coming soon)

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